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October 7, 2021
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Meeting Minutes August 2021

Carlisle Gun Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by the Club President.

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Officers and Members Present: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and 2 Trustees. Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary (2), and Phil Dyche (2) were absent. There were 48 members present.

Minutes for the 26 July 2021 meeting were read and approved. 

Treasurer Report was read and approved.  The total balance of all accounts, checking, savings, CDs, less Training Fund, amounted to $83,438.11. The Training Fund balance was $7,023.36.

Corresponding Secretary Report – No report. From President Steve: Clayton Morrow has a new commitment which will prevent him from running again for this office. He agrees to help his replacement with the technical setup required for electronic communications with Club members. The Vice President and all Club members thank Clayton for his excellent service to our Club. Member Scot Storey agrees to accept a nomination to run for the office of Corresponding Secretary. Please see five Action Items mentioned (in bold print) below in Trustees Report, New Business, and For the Good of the Club.

CGC Training Group Activities Report CGC will host NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting courses on  10-11 September and 17-18 September 2021. Four CGC NRA instructors provided 16 hours of firearms safety and proficiency training for 13 shooters during the month of August 2021. See the 30 August 2021 CGC Training Group Activities Report for additional information.

New Members There were no new members voted into the Club.

4-H Youth Small-Bore Rifle Shooting Program John Gingrich. Returning shooters from last year’s teams will begin shooting at the Club on Thursday evenings starting 30 September 2021. New youth shooters will begin safety and proficiency training starting 7 October 2021. Good luck to our youth shooters and sincere thanks to the Gingrich’s and to all the parents of youth shooters who support this important special activity group.

Cowboy Action – Rick Blosser. Cowboy Action shooters are looking forward to their traditional shoot at the Carlisle Gun Club the first Saturdays of January and February 2022.

Membership CommitteeThere are currently 498 active members, leaving 2 remaining available membership slot. There are 21 new member applications (3 with no sponsor.) CGC membership is capped until November 2021.

Technology and Security CommitteeNo report.

WPPL Pistol Team Dick Pryor. The season WPPL practice and competition starts again on 8 September 2021. The League plans to travel to each other’s clubs for competition this season…new or additional PA Health department restrictions, notwithstanding.

Trustees Report – George Lawrence. George reset the left range fan electrical circuit junction box and the left range fan now works normally. George noted a lot of brass being left on the range by previous range users. He asks theCorresponding Secretary to send a message to all members, reminding them to carefully and completely police their brass…and any other brass they observe. Action for Corresponding Secretary.

– Trustee Dick Pryor’s Trustee position is up for reelection next month. Dick prefers not to run for reelection, but will continue to help the Club. Sincere thanks to Dick for his leadership and service. Member Bob Berrettini stated that he would accept a nomination to serve.

Old Business No old business.

New Business Nominations for CGC office for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. President Steve opened nominations. The below slate of CGC members in good standing were nominated and seconded: President: Steve Baker. Vice-President: Joe Wasiak. Treasurer: Darren Snow. Recording Secretary: Slim Connors. Corresponding Secretary: Scot Storey. Trustee: Bob Berrettini.

– All nominees accepted their nomination. There were no other nominations for any of the open positions, so nominations were closed. Because there are no nominated opponents for any open position, the above positions and nominees represent a slate.

NOTE: If voting by a slate, announcement of voting by slate (and specifically stating the slate of nominated officials, by position) must be made on or before 17 September 2021 to comply with the 10-day notice requirement in CGC By-Laws for voting by slate. Action for Corresponding Secretary.

For the Good of the Club

– CGC member and Senior NRA Instructor and Team Leader Barbara Vanner: Members leaving articles like buckets of personal safety glasses, pens, etc., can either retrieve their property or it will be disposed of before the next Club work day.

– President Steve read an email sent to the Club Treasurer that appeared to be asking the Treasurer to send money to a bogus account for a bogus reason. This email did not come from President Steve and was definitely phishing. Club members are reminded to be aware of such scams, to report them to competent authority, and to take personal measures to identify yourself in official correspondence with Club officers. One example is a practice of including a special character in the body or signature block of your official email correspondence. President Steve will ask the Corresponding Secretary to send out another reminder about email security to help reduce impact of phishing scammers. Action for Corresponding Secretary.

– Trustee George Lawrence. George recommended the Club consider purchasing a couple of tower fans to circulate hot air toward the exhaust fans on the range. The issue was discussed and will be decided after consultation with CGC Range Management.

– The next CGC Club work day is Saturday 25 September at 8am. Dick Pryor and the other Trustees will coordinate tasks and equipment needed. Kurt Uhler will coordinate with other Cub member with welding expertise to repair range backstop, as needed.  President Steve will ask Corresponding Secretary to send out an announcement, once the trustees decide what information to include. Action for Corresponding Secretary.

– President Steve will ask the Corresponding Secretary to send another email announcement regarding CGC support for the NRA ILA. Members who donate to the NRA ILA should notify the CGC Treasurer with the date and amount of their donation to the NRA ILA. Action for Corresponding Secretary.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:32pm

Respectfully submitted,


Slim Connors
Recording Secretary, Carlisle Gun Club