The vote from the July meeting was to raise the dues to $80 per year.

The Club is comprised of no more than 500 active members.  By-Laws, insurance and space limitations prevent admitting more members.  Membership applications may be submitted here, mailed to our Post Office box or hand delivered at any of our monthly meetings.

We accept applications for membership even when our membership is closed.  All such applications are placed on a waiting list.  Applications are date/time stamped and are considered in the order in which they are received.

Membership requirements:

  • Any citizen of the United States of America, of good repute, eighteen (18) year of age or older, may become a member of this Club on the vote of three-fourths of the members present (with the quorum requirement met), and upon submission of a completed application and payment of established dues and initiation fees.
    • Each applicant shall be sponsored by a Club member in good standing.
    • An application shall be presented to the membership for vote at the first regular meeting with available openings following submission of the application.
    • Application forms shall contain at least the following information: Name, Address, Citizenship, Age, Occupation, and any record of criminal convictions (Minor traffic violations need not be reported). Nolo contendere (not contested) pleas shall be considered conviction on any charges brought against the applicant.
    • Applications shall be voted upon individually.
  • In the event that any member expresses reservations about the fitness of an applicant for membership, a formal vote shall be postponed until the next regularly scheduled meeting to afford an opportunity to further review and consider the application.
    • Conviction of any felony shall be a disqualification for membership.
    • Rejected applicants shall be notified by mail of such rejection.


Dues are currently $80 for renewal and $80 + $10 initiation fee for new members. Dues are due by September 30th each year. If paid after September 30th there will be a $10 late fee. If dues are not paid by October 31st with incurred late fee, the membership will be terminated and the key fob deactivated.

  • The fiscal year of the Club shall be from October 1 of one year to September 30 of the following year.
  • Dues and fees (e.g., initiation fee) shall be established by majority vote of the members.
  • Any proposal to change the amount of the dues or fees must be presented in writing to the full membership at least ten (10) days prior to a vote on the issue, at a regular meeting.
    • Dues and fees are established for the Club’s fiscal year. Any change voted for shall become effective on the first day of the subsequent fiscal year.
  • Membership dues shall become payable no later than September 30 of each year, or October 31 while incurring a late fee.
    • Dues of new members joining the Club between April 1 and September 30 shall be established a one-half the full year’s dues.
  • Any member who fails to pay dues by September 30 shall have their key fob deactivated pending payment of their Dues and associated late fee.
  • Any member who fails to pay dues and any accrued late fee by October 31st shall be removed from membership and shall be so notified by the Recording Secretary.  Anyone terminated for a failure to pay dues is free to submit a new application which will be considered when an opening is available.

We notify you when your application is up for consideration.  You and your sponsor must be present at the monthly meeting when you application is being considered.

Procedure for consideration of a prospective member:

Enter the Club at the Range Door (the LEFT end of our building) not the Club entrance.  The Range door will be marked and there will be instructors there to point the way.  Bring all of the following items with you.

    • A copy of the Club By-Laws.  Please print and bring it with you.
    • A copy of the New Member introduction Template. Please print and bring it with you.
    • A safe, modern handgun firing any caliber up to and including .45 ACP or .45 GAP however no magnums.
    • At least 20 rounds of appropriate standard factory ammunition (jacketed (FMJ) or lead).  No reloads, No magnums, No hollow points.
    • At least one magazine if firing a semi-automatic pistol
    • Adequate eye protection and ear protection
    • Current Driver’s License or official photo ID.  If active Law enforcement (LEO) you will need your LEO credentials.  If you are Active Duty military or Reserves – your current DOD ID (If you are released from active duty within the past two years, a copy of DD Form 214.)  No ID – No Processing.
    • If you have completed an NRA Basic Pistol Shooting, FIRST Steps or Basics of Pistol Shooting (BOPS) course bring your certificate or proof of training.  If you passed these courses at our club please bring the dates you took those courses.
    • A ball-point pen
    • Check or cash for $90 for your dues.  We prefer a check.  No Credit Cards.


Once approved by the membership, your in-processing will occur in four phases:

  • Administrative processing; including Legal Waiver.  (NRA Instructor Team)
  • Range Safety and mechanicals orientation (NRA Instructor Team)
  • Live fire safety checks (LEO’s and current/recent Active Duty Military excused); (NRA Instructor Team)
  • Membership In-processing and paying dues (Club Secretary and Team)

The entire process can take several hours.