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Courses offered at the Carlisle Gun Club follow prescribed NRA curricula. All instructors are NRA Certified Instructors (CI) in the fields in which they instruct. In addition, all Range Safety Personnel are NRA certified as Range Safety Officers (RSO).

Because the nature of the Carlisle Gun Club’s physical facilities limits the kinds of live-fire instruction that can be conducted on the Club’s premises, the Club’s main focus is on handgun-related classes.

NRA basic handgun courses in requisite sequential order include:

  • Basics of Pistol Shooting (BOPS);
  • Personal Protection In the Home (PPIH);
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOH) (aka “concealed carry”)

The Club also has NRA instructors who can teach:

    • Personalized individual or small group firearm safety and marksmanship instruction
    • Basic Rifle Shooting
    • Basic Shotgun Shooting
    • Muzzle-Loading Rifle
    • Metallic and Shotgun Shell Reloading
    • Refuse to Be A Victim seminar*
    • Home Firearm Safety seminar*
    • Range Safety Officer qualification

* NRA seminars can be presented at off-site locations, as desired and coordinated by the requester.

NRA classes at the Carlisle Gun Club are small, low-stress, and informal. They emphasize hands-on training with time devoted to range firing and practical application. Special emphasis is placed on safety, both on and off the range. Often, the student will have a Certified Instructor/Range Safety Officer working with them on a 1:1 ratio on each firing point, providing individualized assistance.

Not all of the above classes can be offered by the Club all of the time. In addition, some courses have instructional or training prerequisites that must be met before persons can be enrolled. Consult individual course descriptions for more information. See the NRA website or for Carlisle Gun Club scheduled pistol course dates, descriptions, prerequisites, and other requirements, please see the NRA Course Descriptions.

To get started, visit and select “Find a Course” then look at the first item under the blue “PISTOL” discipline…see “NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting – Phase I”? Well, that’s the one to select to begin your pistol training journey. To see an overview of the Online Phase I Course, see BOPS Phase I Lesson Outline.doc. Have fun, learn a lot, and we’ll see you for BOPS Phase II!

When: Year round. See link below or check the Events Calendar.

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