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The Club elects, from among its members, officers for terms usually beginning in October of each year.  Duties and responsibilities are enumerated in the By-Laws.

Current Club Officers: October 2020 – September 2021

President – Steve Baker
Vice President – Joseph Wasiak
Treasurer – Darren Snow
Recording Secretary – Slim Connors
Corresponding Secretary – Clayton Morrow
Parliamentarian – Charles Gibb
Trustee (2018 – 2021) – Richard Pryor
Trustee (2019 – 2022) – Phil Dyche
Trustee (2020 – 2023) – George Lawrence

Minutes of recent monthly meeting

Click here for copies of recent monthly meeting Minutes.


Click here of a copy of our By-Laws.

Club Rules

The Club may establish such rules, procedures and requirements as are necessary for the safe, efficient and pleasant administration of the Club.  Failure to abide by the rules, procedures or requirements may result in sanctions up to and including termination of membership.  Club rules include:

  • No intoxicants or narcotic drugs are to be used or permitted on Club property, with the exception that beverages containing alcohol may be permitted at certain Club events when approved by the membership.
  • No shooting is permitted by persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs.
  • Gun handling in the meeting room is permitted only behind the counters. The gun must be unloaded. All consideration will be given to other occupants of the room.
  • No smoking is permitted during club meetings or during scheduled matches.
  • All persons using the Carlisle Gun Club facilities are responsible for the security of their personal firearms and ammunition while on the Carlisle Gun Club premises.
  • GUEST POLICY: Two (2) guests are allowed per member. Only one (1) guest can shoot at a time per member. Members are responsible to ensure their guest(s) adhere to Club rules.

Range Rules

  • All individuals use the Carlisle Gun Club facilities at their own risk and agree to hold harmless the Carlisle Gun Club, its officers and members in the event of an accident.
  • Eye and ear protection are required.
  • First person on the range determines the firing line and tempo then in use. Courtesy and compromise with other shooters should be considered.
  • Unholstered weapons must be unloaded and pointed downrange while waiting to load and shoot.
  • Loaded weapons must be pointed downrange, unless holstered.
  • During matches, all commands of the range officer are to be obeyed.
  • Any person preparing to go downrange must be fully satisfied that all weapons on the line are unloaded and then declare the line as safe and announce that they are going down range.
  • There is no handling of firearms while any personnel are downrange or forward of the firing line.
  • All firearms not being fired should remain cased. No loaded firearms will be retained on the bench.
  • No “quick-draw” exercises with loaded firearms are permitted with the exception of Club sponsored activities.
  • Range doors will be closed at all times when firing is underway.
  • Range ventilation fans will be in use while firing is in progress.
  • Jammed or otherwise loaded guns must be cleared and unloaded before leaving the range.
  • Persons using the range are responsible for cleaning the range upon completion of firing. Remove brass and targets. Put ONLY YELLOW BRASS in the metal brass bucket.
  • Only paper based targets can be used.
  • No smoking permitted in the range facility

Permitted Firearms

  • Handguns using non-magnum ammunition, including revolvers, semi-automatics, or single-shot, up to .45 caliber.
  • Rifles in .22 long rifle only.
  • Pellet guns (whether air or co2 propelled).

Prohibited Firearms

  • Firearms of any type when firing magnum ammunition.
  • Rifles using standard rifle ammunition (other than .22 long rifle caliber).
  • Fully automatic firearms of any caliber.
  • Shotguns/Shot shells (including handgun loads).
  • BB guns.

Tracer, incendiary, armor-piercing, armor-piercing incendiary or other rounds containing igniferous or explosive substances

To ensure there is no confusion only the following ammunition may be used at our range:

.22 short .380 ACP .40 S&W
.22 long rifle 9mm 10mm
.25 ACP .38 super .44 special
.32 ACP .38 special .45 ACP
.357 SIG .45 GAP

Standard loadings and +P in any of the above calibers are permitted.

The following are NOT permitted at any time:

Magnums in any caliber
+P+ loadings
Armor piercing rounds
Tracer Rounds
Shotgun shells: buckshot, birdshot or slugs.
Full Auto firearms

If you have any questions contact a Club Officer or come to a Club Meeting.

Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in suspension of club privileges and or expulsion from the Club.  You are responsible for your guests.  You are responsible for any damages caused by you or your guests.