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Building Address:
101 Pine Street
Carlisle, PA 17013

Mailing Address:
Carlisle Gun Club
PO Box 193
Carlisle, PA 17013


Carlisle Gun Club is a local private indoor pistol range in Carlisle, PA. It is comprised of member funded and run events and activities. The Carlisle Gun Club was incorporated in 1944 and has been a part of the Carlisle Community since 1937!

The purposes of Carlisle Gun Club are to:

  • Encourage shooting sports among members of the club and general public
  • Enhance firearms safety through promotion of correct handling and proper care of firearms
  • Improve marksmanship through participation in shooting events on an individual basis and through teams
  • Provide shooting range faciliities for use of Club members and team activities
  • Develop characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self discipline, teamwork, and self reliance among Club members and others who participate in shooting sports
  • Provide training for Club members and the general public to advance knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about firearm use and safe gun handling

    Club Officers: October 2014 - September 2015

    President - Tom Richwine
    Vice President - Randy Nichols
    Treasurer - Jeff Clippinger
    Recording Secretary - Mike Hempt
    Corresponding Secretary - Gary Gibson
    Parliamentarian - Charles Gibb
    Trustee (2012 - 2015) - Richard Pryor
    Trustee (2013 - 2016) - Phil Dyche
    Trustee (2014 - 2017) - Mike Kubarek

Carlisle Gun Club is affiliated with the following Organizations

National Rifle Association NRANational Rifle Association (NRA) - Club members are afforded discounted NRA membership rates. www.nra.org
William Penn Pistol League WPPLWilliam Penn Pistol League (WPPL) - A local .22lr pistol competition between clubs in the Southern Cumberland County region. www.wppl.us
Civilian Marksmanship Program CMPCivilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) - A national organization dedicated to training and educating U. S. citizens in responsible uses of firearms and airguns through gun safety training, marksmanship training and competitions. www.odcmp.com